Sometimes, in life we get so overwhelmed by things that we end up feeling stressed out, drained and utterly exhausted (both physically and mentally). As human beings, we are prone to wearing ourselves out with our busy lives and our drives to achieve so much; a drive that can push us to the point of exhaustion if we’re not careful, which is why we need to take a break from life; especially when we’re feeling drained. 

It is totally necessary to just take a break and breathe for a moment when we’re feeling so overwhelmed by the many things going on in our lives; unfortunately, a lot of people tend to ignore the necessity of taking a break because they feel like there’s so much to achieve and that a break would just be a distraction(one they’d rather avoid) that would not only hinder them from achieving their goal but would also make them look “lazy” and if we’re going to be honest with ourselves, we know that no one wants to be seen as lazy. But what most people seem to neglect(most likely due to a lack of understanding) is that taking breaks(and knowing WHEN to take them) is so very important for our general well being, which is why in this post I’ll be giving 10 reasons why taking a break from life is very necessary;

1.) Your health is of utmost importance: Sometimes we need to just take out time from our busy lives because our physical and mental health is very important (like a top priority) to us and we need to put in enough conscious effort to maintain it. After all, good health does increase productivity.

2.) It stops you from getting exhausted and burning out: Or at least it helps a great deal with reducing the chances of you getting exhausted and burning out. By taking out time to relax and rewind, you are greatly reducing the possibility of burning out due to exhaustion and stress while also keeping you in good enough shape.

3.) Breaks help you deal with stress: Taking an occasional break every now and then is a very efficient way of managing stress as it gives you the opportunity to relax and engage in hobbies that give you pleasure and help to relieve stress while also improving your mental health.

4.) We grow at our own pace: In this life, you have to understand that as human beings; we grow at our own unique pace which is not the same with others. Sometimes you have to take a moment to yourself to realize that you grow at your own pace and that exhausting yourself in a bid to match others is not only unnecessary but also unhealthy.

5.) It allows you the chance to discover yourself: Taking a break from things gives you the opportunity to go on a journey of self-discovery where you are able to learn more about yourself and about what makes you happier while developing yourself and working on your character.

6.) It helps you think more clearly: Sometimes a break is necessary because it helps you to relax and clear your mind which allows you to think much more clearly and make better decisions for your yourself because the mind is not under stress but rather, in a state of rest and relaxation.
7.)Taking a break helps to get the creative juices flowing: Because taking a break helps to relax the mind and clear our heads;it also helps to improve our creativity and get those juices flowing. This is because while we are relaxing, our thinking gets better and we get more ideas flowing in.

8.) Taking breaks allow you to spend more time with your loved ones: By taking a break, you are able to spend more quality time with the people you love. You are able to gain more time which you can spend with your friends and family, time which if well spent, can help boost your mood by a great deal.
9.)Taking breaks are vital for self-care: Taking breaks every once in a while gives you more time to take care of yourself and focus on your own personal development; which is an essential part of the self-care process. By taking out the time to take care of yourself; you are improving the relationship you have with yourself which is one of the most important(if not the most important) but most neglected relationships we have.

10.) You need to take out the time to charge up your batteries: There are moments when you’ll feel so exhausted by the things you’re going through that you’ll be forced to just call for a time out, which is why taking a break is very necessary for recharging your drained cells and replenishing your energy store. Taking out the time to relax and replenishing your energy is one of the best things you can ever do for yourself.

So there you have it, 10 good and convincing enough reasons why you need to call for a timeout and take a well-deserved break from life and all the stresses associated with it. If the ones above aren’t enough to convince you, then I’d love to add that taking breaks not only helps you to stay productive but it also helps to increase productivity. This is because many people perform better when they’re relaxed and not under any form of stress.

So that’s it for me today, I’d love to see your opinions on this post in the comments below.

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Writer Bio: My name is Uche Benita and I am a teenage girl currently studying agricultural economics at the University of Nigeria; while also running a lifestyle blog for girls and young women; a blog that’s aimed at boosting their confidence and reminding them that they are beautiful and special. I started blogging in May because I felt it would be a nice outlet for me to express myself and because I wanted to help my fellow females by using my own experiences as guides. You can view my latest blog posts at my blog site;