By Haneen Ahmad

Loving yourself isn’t always easy but its necessary. We can be brutal to ourselves…our own worst critics. Let’s change that starting today! Don’t think self-love is some self-absorbed act. It’s not.

It’s about giving attention to your mind, body, and soul and nourishing yourself in ways you need it the most.

There are so many ways to practice self-love, and so many things to consider in the areas of emotional, mental, physical, social, and spiritual self-care. Self-care enhances and protects our health and wellbeing. Here is a list of unique activities to consider. I invite you to push past your comfort zone and try a new way of practicing self-love.

Engage in the activities in this list that stand out to you the most and generate some of your own ideas!

1. Retail therapy (brighten up your wardrobe)
2. Practice yoga
3. Reduce alcohol intake
4. Take yourself on a date
5. Act on needs not wants
6. Set boundaries
7. Live with intention
8. Write down your wins
9. Create a vision board
10. Eat to nourish
11. Focus on your breath
12. Daydream
13. Schedule a massage
14. See a therapist
15. Get some sun
16. Listen to music
17. Start saying no
18. Start saying yes
19. Create a gratitude list
20. De-clutter your space
21. Write and say positive affirmations
22. Take photos
23. Create a relaxing night time routine
24. Do something outside your comfort zone
25. Write a bucket list
26. Pray
27. Light scented candles
28. Spend time in nature
29. Connect with a friend
30. Forgive yourself

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With love & gratitude,