By Haneen Ahmad

Greetings Sammamish!
Now that we have cleared all the shelves at Fred Myer, TJ’s and every other local store, we can move on to what we are actually going to do with our snow days! Well, the bitterly cold polar vortex is about to be among us folks. However, it doesn’t need to be total drag. Here is a list of 40 things to do to keep you occupied in the days to come.

1. Bake cookies, (Especially if you live close to me, I never met a cookie I didn’t like)
2. Break out the art supplies and be creative
3. Make hot cocoa (share with your neighbors)
4. Read
5. Read to your kids
6. Talk to your kids about the dangers of drugs and alcohol (I’m a psychotherapist working with adolescents here in Sammamish, enough said)
7. Build a snowman
8. Play charades
9. Roast marshmallows,  (in the fire you will have to build because you will lose power)
10. Take pictures
11. Play hide and seek
12. Make Valentine’s Day cards (and hope the snow melts by then so you can actually hand them out)
13. Have a dance party
14. Knit
15 Sled down a safe hill
16. Build a fort
17. Clean your house, maybe even declutter (Marie Kondo would be so proud)
18. Plan your summer vacation (is it summer yet?)
19. Sign up for this FREE Love Yourself Challenge
20. Paint your nails (add in a facemask while you are at)
21. Make some tea
22. Popcorn and a movie
23. Scrapbook
24. Do yoga
25. Make soup
26. Mail a letter
27. Engage in much-needed self-care
28. Plan your garden
29. Tell ghost stories
30. Write a poem
31. Invite neighbors over
32. Neighborhood snowball fight
33. Organize your digital photos
34. Shovel early and often!!!!
35. Assemble a puzzle
36. Catch up on online shopping
37. Learn something new
38. Make snowflake garlands
39. Snow graffiti…… Moms, thank me later, spray bottle with water and food coloring, send them outside
40. Stay home, no attempting to drive around (especially Louise Thompson and Inglewood Hill as the mush turns to ice tonight)

Enjoy! Be kind, have fun, and spread the good.


PS Feel free to take pics of all the fun you are going to have and post online using #SammamishSnow