By Haneen Ahmad

Have you ever thought about what type of learner you are? What was the learning process like for you as a kid, and did you notice any patterns? Did you always think you were the best? Did you give up when things got hard? Did you get excited when faced with a challenge? Did you celebrate the wins of others? And how did all of this play a role in the development of your mindset?  A mindset is a belief we hold about our intelligence or ability. Thankfully beliefs can be changed with willingness and commitment. The mindset we carry can shape our lives.

Based on the findings of Carol Dweck, a fixed mindset assumes that our intelligence is static. That our character, intelligence, and creative ability can’t be changed in any meaningful way.  People with this mindset tend to focus on looking smart instead of expanding their knowledge. This is problematic because it leads to avoiding challenges, giving up easily, see effort as fruitless, or ignoring useful criticism or feedback. People with this mindset are usually threatened by the success of others. You can’t receive what you resent. If you resent someone’s successes that’s not going to help you get any closer to yours. As a result of all this, these people plateau and do not reach their full potential. Talk about a seriously limiting headspace to be in.

Carol Dweck goes on to explain that a growth mindset is the idea that intelligence can be developed further and further. This leads to the desire to learn, and therefore embrace challenges, persist in the presence of setbacks, see effort as a path to mastery, and learn from criticism. As a result, those with a growth mindset reach a higher level of achievement and gain a higher sense of self-worth and free will. People with this mindset delight is lifting others up, and feel inspired and motivated by the success of others.

The power of believing that you can improve is so important when it comes to fostering success. If you are wanting to improve your mindset here are some guiding questions to help you make a shift. Start by taking time to reflect each day and ask yourself:

What did I learn from today’s experiences?

What steps did I take to make today successful?

What could I have done differently?

How did I keep going when things got difficult?

What did I learn from someone else today?

I am a huge fan of affirming positive self-talk. I encourage you to repeat some positive affirmations to yourself daily if you are serious about making a change in the way you think and learn. Here are some to start you off. I would love to hear what you come up with as well!

Growth Mindset Affirmations

This is a difficult concept but I believe I can work towards mastery
It’s okay to take risks, that’s how we learn
Getting better takes time
I appreciate myself and all my effort
I can keep going and will use new strategies
I will train my brain
I haven’t figured it out YET
Mistakes help me learn and grow
I embrace new challenges
I ask for help when I need it
I can learn anything
I strive to do my best

If you are looking for other general strategies try to explore these three simple steps each day.


Start small if it seems overwhelming. The habit of reflecting, appreciating, and celebrating is impactful in shifting your mindset. Look at your day, note what went well and what didn’t go so well. What is your key takeaway? What did you appreciate and remember to celebrate wins no matter how big or small. I hope you enjoyed this article, and want to remind you to move through the process with self-validation and grace.

Happy growing,

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