By Haneen Ahmad

The way your morning starts can set the mood for the rest of your day. What does a productive morning routine look like? Do you have 15-20 minutes to spare in the morning? I have found over the past several months that when I take the time to invest a little extra in the morning, my day is more positive, more productive, and I generally feel more in control. And I looooove feeling in control.

Give it a try for the next week or so and let me know what you think.
Hint: I think you will love it and want to keep it up.

Sometimes finding the motivation for this can be a bit hard. Try to get a friend or partner to commit to doing this with you and then check in with each other about how it has been going.

Here are my tips for the ultimate morning routine:

Get up when you wake up.

Get your body out of bed the second you wake up (no chance for falling back asleep or snoozing the alarm… this is more likely to happen if you set your alarm across the room and not at your bedside where it is an arm’s reach).

Wash your face.
This will help you wake up and stay awake feeling refreshed. And honestly you should drink a cup of water too. Nothing but good will come from that. Better digestion. Cleanses your colon. Flushes toxins. Rehydrates.

Start journaling for 3-5 minutes. Just free write whatever comes to your mind. This helps get the clutter out of your head and start your day fresh and with clarity. If you keep this practice up (and you should!) you will find your writings will turn to something with more and more intention. You will likely see your writings turn into a compilation of anxiety and fear releasing thoughts and a bit of goal setting for the day.

Listen to a short guided meditation. I like to use insight timer (free meditation app) but you could use any meditation app or youtube etc. If meditation is not your thing, then do some yoga or stretch. Extra points if you do both!

Nourish yourself.

Eat a healthy breakfast that’s going to give you energy throughout your morning. Though it might be quick, your favorite bowl of cereal doesn’t count here ladies. My go to breakfast is 2 eggs, cheese, half and avocado, and a slice of Dave’s Killer toast (great fiber content!). The more color on your plate the better. And of course, don’t forget the lemon water.

Of course, this could (but doesn’t have to) all go out the window if you are not getting enough sleep, so try to get in bed at what feels like a reasonable hour for you. Make this routine all yours. If you feel like you are needing more or less of something, do it. Feel out what helps you feel most grounded and sets the tone for a productive day. If you have other tips to share I would love to hear them! You can find me at [email protected] or on Instagram at @haneen.licsw

Wishing you all the best and rest,