By Haneen Ahmad

Hey there mamas and mamas to be!

Have you spent months on end meticulously researching and then planning every detail of your birth plan. Listening to birth stories, asking endless questions of your providers, hiring a doula…. The list goes on. And those are all great ways to prepare for your beautiful birth. How much thought have you given to what happens after baby arrives?

How many of us plan for our postpartum journey? How many of us spend time and intention into setting up a support system that we will benefit from and will impact our mental health in a positive light.

Maybe you’re a first time mom and are unsure of how to prepare for the postpartum experience. Maybe your not a new mama, it’s your 2nd or 3rd time and you are dreading the postpartum period and know you will need help. Either way, there needs to be a shift in the way we plan for the postpartum experience in a way that serves us best.

My thoughts are, the postpartum journey is just as important if not more than your pregnancy itself. After a few newborn snuggles visitors tend to decrease, meals stop coming, or maybe they were never brought to begin with. And the sleepless nights and lack of time to self start to get to you. Oh and the laundry. THE ENDLESS AMOUNT OF LAUNDRY. I loath laundry… and let me tell you, it quadrupled after I had my second baby.

The good news is, I have designed this FREE Postpartum Masterplan to help guide you as best as possible through this unique journey. This guide is jam packed with questions to review with your partner before baby arrives, suggestions for putting a support system in place, a daily checklist to ensure your basic needs are being met, and other helpful tips.

Download your free copy of the Postpartum Masterplan here!

Remember, give yourself permission to not be perfect.
Ask for help. Say what you need.
Let go of expectations.
You got this.

Congrats mamas!

Wishing you all the best & rest,

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