By Almetta Pitts, M.S.W.

“Your wound is probably not your fault, but your healing is your responsibility.” Denice Frohman

The first time that I heard my therapist utter this quote was within one of my more recent therapy sessions and I must admit,  my life has been forever changed. Why? I finally understood that I can unapologetically interrupt and shift the narrative of my inherited historical trauma.

Each day that I reflect upon this quote, I have been giving myself permission to be intentional about learning how to continue to heal my inherited historical traumatic wound. Here are my top three discoveries (thus far):


  1. My healing work could only begin once I disconnected from any learned shame and/or guilt of seeking out a licensed mental health practitioner. A healer who continues to facilitate my healing. My mantra that I have learned while in therapy is: “When I do my healing work; I also, heal my ancestors.”


  1. “You have the power, authority, and most of all, the right to create your own reality. If you insist on hanging onto the family tree, you may very well find a noose around your neck.” Iyanla Vanzant (p. 171) “Value in the Valley: A Black Woman’s Guide through Life’s Dilemmas.”


  1. My self-care is my absolute birthright.  “I am a woman who is super but, I no longer strive to show up as Superwoman.” –  Almetta Pitts


Today, I continue to acknowledge that I have inherited a historical trauma wound(s) yet, my responsibility is to heal and continue to do my shadow work. Which means to live and heal my BEST LIFE! I am changing my narrative. Through my career, I have chosen to help others shift their cultural narrative as well. I provide race and equity trainings that are culturally responsive, highly engaging, experiential learning based and transformative.  What is your current narrative and what legacy do you plan to leave behind?

Almetta Pitts, M.S.W.

CEO and Founder of Attemla Consulting, LLC