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Wife, mother, therapist, and coach, that’s me! Guiding and motivating clients who are struggling with stress management, negative self-talk, lack of confidence, and fear, is my thing. If this is your case, (chances are it is since you are reading this) I want you to know it’s ok to ask for help. I am here to support you in your journey for a mindful, healthy lifestyle, that allows you to feel fulfilled, joyful, and confident.
I am a doer! I love putting words into action and plans into motion. Let me guide you to finding your calm. Whether it’s counseling or coaching, let’s collaborate in a capacity that supports your journey.



Combine your breath and beliefs. It’s imperative to develop a healthy relationship with yourself.  Clarify what feeling physically and mentally well means to you and learn to engage in those activities.


Develop a daily gratitude practice. Gratitude allows us to celebrate the present and put situations into perspective. When we practice gratitude we are able to see and think differently and positively.


Transform pain into peace. The healing journey is a combination of releasing and receiving. Learn tools to release tension, turmoil and trauma. Learn methods to receive love, support, and compassion from yourself and others.


Manoshi Vin

Licensed Therapist, LICSW
Haneen Ahmad is a collaborative and experienced therapist who works with a diverse group of clients. As an experienced therapist myself, I have had the pleasure of working alongside Haneen and can state that she is not only clinical competent but very compassionate in her approach. Haneen brings with her valuable knowledge and is known to build a great rapport with her clients.

Stephen Vanderhoef

Crisis Intervention Specialist
Haneen Ahmad is an effective and skilled social worker with a strong understanding of the complexity of the child welfare system. Her professional and ethical character, broad wisdom, and passion for social justice ensure she is an exceptional addition to any team.

Maria McDonald

Learning and Development Coordinator
Haneen's work with clients is firmly rooted in evidence-based research, a deep respect and understanding of multi-cultural values, and a systems perspective. Haneen takes into account a holistic view of each person or group she's working with and encourages self-love, healthy boundaries and confidence.

Tiffany Ezra

Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Haneen is solution-focused and adept at helping clients to identify their own therapy goals and to follow through with developed plans in achieving those goals, all while supporting clients in increasing their practices of self-love and their feelings of self-confidence. Haneen is an exceptional and thorough clinician and anyone with the good fortune of working with her, as a client or a colleague, is truly in the very best hands.

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